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Two Month Vaccines

Our little bundle of joy hit a rough patch of colic from weeks 6-8. We didn’t know if we would ever make it out alive. But alas, we did. My ears are still ringing from three weeks of screaming, but we persevered. Around 9 weeks, Finley started to settle down and be more content. Our sweet baby was back. Two months. Time to see the pediatrician again. A perfect time to stick our little angel with 3 needles in 3 seconds and see if we could reawaken the beast in her. And so it went.

First, the oral vaccine. Yummy. Happy child.


Then it was time to bring the pain…




Oh, the screaming. The horror. Yet the question remained, when we got her home, how would she react to the barrage of pricks? Question answered:




She’s a tough little one. She just slept it off and woke up right as rain the next day. Crisis averted. Now we’re enjoying our sweet girl as she grows, develops, smiles, kicks, and coos. It’s a bumpy, hilly ride – this parenting thing – but we’re bracing ourselves and waiting to see what she’ll do next.



  Courtney B wrote @

Thata girl!! Look at Momma, all stylish.

  lita wrote @

adorable. sweet. adorable!

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